Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

研究 & 奖学金

There are endless reasons why you should make the most of the research and scholarship opportunities available to you at LR.

You'll gain invaluable experience and mentorship opportunities with our expert faculty, 充实你的简历, gain leadership experience, 找机会… 出国留学, prepare for graduate or professional studies and network with prospective employers.

All LR undergraduates complete in their core curriculum the “Level II” course sequence as part of general education requirements. In these upper-division generalist courses, you select research topics, produce your work and, 最终, complete your capstone requirement by means of a public presentation to the campus on your findings. 在这方面, LR is among the very few colleges and universities that provide such attention to research and public presentation for all undergraduate students.

Many LR students also complete research presentations off-campus through state-wide, regional and/or national conferences. 例如, 每年, students in the natural sciences who are completing their senior research projects may present at the North Carolina Academy of Sciences Conference.

Similar opportunities exist for students in diverse programs such as mathematics and computer science, 心理学, history and the health sciences. Many opportunities exist for creative expression in fine arts programs like music, 艺术与戏剧, where students showcase their talents in public settings.

Estefanny Villar-Matamoros

It can be overwhelming and intimidating in STEM, but our College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is dedicated to the success of students. The energy and people are amazing.

Estefanny Villar-Matamoros '20, Pre-Medical Science

Opportunities for Every Student

If you're looking for a way to enrich your education and expand your knowledge, explore the variety of opportunities to LR students have to conduct research, scholarship and do creative work. 

  • 弗里茨荣誉学院

    The 弗里茨荣誉学院 encourages highly motivated students to reach their full potential.

    As a student in the honors college, you will be put into specialized classes with your intellectual peers and Lenoir-Rhyne's finest professors to encourage further academic and personal growth.

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  • 护理学者

    护理学者 is a four-year program. 学生 are eligible to apply during the senior year of high school. The program aims to enhance the undergraduate experience of LR's high-performing students with an interest in earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

    Throughout the program, you will receive personalized academic support, enrichment opportunities, and a learning community with other top-academic pre-nursing students. 另外, students admitted to the program earn conditional admission into the School of Nursing directly out of high school.

  • 教学的学者

    教学的学者 are placed in Hickory-area school districts throughout programs of study where you serve as tutors, small group leaders and instructional assistants.

    学生 who receive Teaching Scholar scholarships are required to participate in ongoing professional development activities in addition to standard university academic requirements.

    杰出的学术, professional and service-related performance is required in order to remain in the program. All scholars maintain residency on campus throughout their programs of study.

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梅勒妮莫拉 '25 has been planning to 出国留学 in South Korea for more than a year. 现在是美国.S. Department of State is supporting her studies through the Benjamin A. Gilman International 奖学金.


塔比瑟·托尼,1999年,博士.D., will lead the program with an eye toward excellence and a heart for patient care.

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